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Meet Nestor Bravo

Producer | Director | Cinematographer

Nestor Bravo is an active media personality: an actor, TV host and recognized voice in the Venezuelan entertainment industry. Before moving to the United States in 2011, Bravo was a co-host of the game show “Todo por Venezuela” and “Gente Nueva”, a teenager’s talent show meant to discover young talent. He also played lead roles in soap operas such as “Libres como el viento” and “Nadie me dirá como quererte”.

Born out of the passion he has for cinematography and directing, Nestor Bravo proceeded to enroll for extended studies in acting, voice, theatre and production in reputable industry workshops across the world, after years of being a camera figure; he specifically had specialized in training in Spain and the United States.

Once he relocated to the United States, he began to work as a TV producer and talent. He served as co-anchor to the popular and highly renowned “Buenos Dias DC”, a Spanish morning news and talk show that aired on network Univision in the metropolis of Washington D.C. Currently, Bravo is a director and producer of the previous CBS Radio, now Entercom.

His extensive background and experience in front of the cameras, allow Nestor to be a prominent presenter and interviewer. He has conducted interviews with renowned world-class artists such as Sting, Ed Sheeran and Residente.

Still very much in tune with his passion for cinematography, photography and the elements of visual story-telling, Nestor Bravo has refused to let his fame to overshadow his passion. He is the CEO of Bravo Films Inc; a Digital Media Agency which specializes in producing documentaries, commercial and corporate videos for businesses and individuals.

Nestor’s insatiable thirst for knowledge, as well as his enthusiasm to increase the awareness of the audiovisual elements he produces, have encouraged him to study the latest trends in Digital Marketing, and ally with industry experts and strategists, making Bravo Films Inc. a versatile media agency, which also offers brand development and presence in the most relevant social networks.

Bravo is an award-winning director who has won two Capital Emmy awards for “Silvana Quiroz Presenta”, a TV show that airs on Telemundo 44 in Washington DC, which made history by becoming in the first Digital Platform in Spanish to win an EMMY award in the Washington DC area.

He has also won the prestigious HIDA (Hollywood Independent Documentary Award) for “Kusi Yachai Wasi”; a documentary about a non-profit organization for children in the highest mountains of Peru as the best foreign documentary in January 2017.

He is also the writer of “7 Steps to start creating high quality videos”, a free book that teaches the basics of doing great videos without having to invest tons in gear. You can download it below.

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